Bush Kindy

We believe children should experience life first hand. It is only then that they learn to be in control; making their own healthy decisions and facing new experiences with equanimity.

Bush Kindy Philosophy & Pedagogy

Bush Kindy is a child-focused learning process, that is conducted in the natural world, typically, rainforests, woodlands and parks. It offers opportunities for holistic growth through regular sessions, by developing confidence and self-esteem as well as investigation of ideas, thinking reasoning and hypothesizing.

Our Bush Kindy program aims to:

  • Develop relationships with children and facilitating communication
  • Enter children’s worlds, identifying and building on children’s outdoor interests, scaffolding play and sustained thinking
  • Providing opportunities for child-initiated play and outdoor play
  • Help children negotiate and maintain play and model inclusive behaviour
  • Support appropriate challenging and risky play
  • Teach children about the natural world and care of the environment
  • Provide opportunities for nature play in in natural environments on a regular basis
  • Work with parents, carers and children in outdoor spaces
  • Provide practical hands on experiences
  • Teach that the outdoors is a natural backdrop to learning and consolidating values
  • Problem solving opportunities, pursuing children’s interest at their own pace and in their own time